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The CONVO Artist Catalogue: July Picks

Words By Madison Granda

With the advent of modern technology, the world has grown significantly smaller—with people from around the world closer than ever before. As any creative would agree, the internet and social media have been game-changing avenues for artists far and wide. With platforms such as Instagram, Behance, and Dribbble, artists now have access to creative outlets that generate global exposure. One no longer needs to enter a museum to view art since anyone can access a variety of impressive work, with just a click of a button.


By taking advantage of these digital platforms, we scouted and reached out to 14 amazing artists to feature in this month's CONVO Artist Catalogue. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out exciting lineup!


Kean Ragon

Manila, Philippines

Kean Ragon, also known as wikibirdy, has been captivating the online art scene with his watercolor and digital vector portraits. To achieve a realistic portrait, Kean’s approach involves a dynamic of mediums. For acrylics, he blends unconventional colors instead of using skin tone and leaves brush strokes unblended. For watercolor, he layers a variety of colors to get accurate shades for shadows and skin. Once Kean finishes his studies, he aspires to become an art director /conservator for a museum to revolutionize the way business works within the art industry.

Instagram: @keanragon / @wikibirdy
Fivver: @wikibirdy


Andrew Peña

New York, United States

Meet Andrew Peña. You'll recognize his eccentric art style from familiar TV shows broadcasted on Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and truTV! Andrew’s educational background includes illustration and writing at the Columbus College of Arts and Design, Ohio. Other than his creative work on TV, Andrew has worked as an editor and content creator at BuzzFeed, New York. Andrew’s illustrations have also been showcased in exhibitions such as the Sick Sad Summer Art Book Fair, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, Comic Arts Brooklyn, and many more. If you’re looking for an artist to hire, you’re in luck! Andrew is currently freelancing and open to working on exciting, new projects.


Michiko Autea

Manila, Philippines

You should definitely keep this young artist on your radar! Michiko Autea has expertise in mediums ranging from traditional wet paint (acrylic, watercolor, and her favorite, gouache) to clay and digital art. Her artistic roots trace back to when she was just two years old. Her Mom claims that she knew how to draw before she could even read. She attributes her proficiency in drawing to her fifth-grade art teacher who encouraged her to pursue her passions. Michiko’s love for fashion design and textiles is evident in her fashion sketches featured on her Instagram account. And her impressive resume doesn’t stop there! Michiko’s works have also been exhibited at the Philippine National Museum of Fine Arts. 


Crystal Pandita

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Crystal Pandita is an illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. At Cambridge School of Art, Crystal is currently in the last semester to attain her degree in illustration. Crystal’s works are driven by her passion for creating stories and bringing them to life through an enchanting, comic book-like style. Her work is a bright manifestation of her love for film, urban legends, religious imagery, Lovecraftian horror, and other strange things. If her work sparks your interest, stay tuned to Crystal’s social media pages! She is currently writing her comic book series which will be available online by 2021. 


Vito Manacsa

Manila, Philippines

If you’re into painted portraits, then Vito Manacsa’s works are a must-see! This 17-year-old visual artist paints images that depict the Filipinx scene, which according to him are provocative displays of a variety of emotions that he has difficulty putting into words. Vito’s art style is influenced by prominent artists like Chagall, Ang Kiukok, and his dad. 

Most of Vito’s ideas are expressions of what he comes up with in his dream journal. As he explains it, his work is “ever-maturing, but never matured”. 

Instagram: @vitomanacsa


Xuyang Sun

London, England

Sue Sun is an illustrator and visual designer based in London. Her soft and minimalistic style, complemented by a pastel palette, is what makes her work simple yet distinctive. Sue’s raw display of the feminine body is thoughtful and goes beyond the convention of the female nude. Her dreamy illustrations can be found in her online shop. Aside from print illustrations found on her Instagram, Sue also designs silk scarves with elegant abstract patterns. 


Paul Libatique

Manila, Philippines

This artist’s distinctive work marries comic pop art and religious-inspiration. Paul Libatique is currently taking up design at Ateneo de Manila University. Since he aspires to take up a career in the video game or movie industry, he plans to further his studies at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation. You can find Paul’s work on social media publications and event designs, as he is an avid member of the creatives team for Christ’s Youth in Action. As a growing artist, Paul is working towards achieving his highest potential.

Instagram: @prmlibatique


Gabriela Tylenda

San Francisco, United States

Vibrant, exuberant, and animated are some of the many words to describe this artist's personality and art style. Gabriela’s bright and bubbly energy is characterized in her work, as she enjoys pushing boundaries by playing with shapes and colors. According to Gabriela, she is always in a consistent state of finding herself with art since she has been drawing since the age of 4. Up to this day, she believes that it is the very thing that defines her. Gabriela’s visually attractive work not only captures eyes but stories as well. She aims to convey engaging tales, with themes ranging from mental health to social issues. 

Instagram:  @_gabiiuu


Angelie (Anggesthetic)

Manila, Philippines

Angelie is a 19-year-old fine arts student, with a major in advertising. She is passionate about connecting with people through her artwork and aesthetically pleasing imagery. Proficient in different art media, she is always eager to learn and hone her skills; these include art directing, photography, graphic designing, traditional and digital drawing, and 3D Modeling. 

Instagram: @Anggesthetic


Brecht Lanfossi


If you’re familiar with 20th-century surrealist painters such as Salvador Dali, René Magritte, and Frida Kahlo, then it’s time you check out 21st-century artist Brecht Lanfossi whose work embodies modern-day surrealism! Like any surrealist, this Belgian collagist/digital painter is inspired by dream-like and psychotic consciousness—free of reason and convention. Although Brecht decided to discontinue his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK Ghent), he did not let that hinder him. After the five years following his leave, he became a self-taught artist and constructed a flexible, creative atmosphere for himself, free from any constructs. Brecht is now on a sabbatical to practice his art at the Nederzwalm-Hermelgem in Belgium. 


Mia Balitaan

Manila, Philippines

With the emergence of digital collaging, this 19-year-old illustrator and graphic artist is one to definitely look out for! Mia’s educational background stems from taking an Arts & Design track during her last two years of high school at Saint Paul College Pasig (SPCP). Now, she is an incoming sophomore BFA Information Design student at Ateneo De Manila University. You can find Mia’s amazing work on local artists’ albums such as the cover art for Cody and the Jet Skis’ single, “Road Trip”, and The Ransom Collective’s “Traces” album launch. 

Instagram: @miatriestoart


Mark Wang

New York, United States

From sunny Tucson, Arizona, to the fabled New York City, meet Mark Wang! His impressive background includes working with Apple, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, and much more! At a surface-level, Mark’s works are a fun burst of color and excitement (maybe even humor). However, on closer inspection, you’ll see that each of them delivers a strong message and conveys itself effectively. His art style is a strong nod to Heinz Edelmann’s work, specifically the psychedelic illustrations for the Beatles’ 1968 cult-classic film, Yellow Submarine. 


James Elijah Yap

Quezon, Philippines

This illustrator and designer has featured numerous iconic figures from pop stars to video game characters! Other than illustrating scenes from pop culture references, James Elijah Yap utilizes a tasteful color palette to paint ambient scenes of the Filipino vista. James makes use of Adobe Procreate and Photoshop to create his vibrant, detailed illustrations inspired by everyday living and pop culture. James’ arts and design journey started when he was in high school. He has continued his education as an undergraduate student, majoring in BFA Information Design, at Ateneo de Manila University.

Instagram: @jameselijahyap


Lanz V

Manila, Phiippines

From an unconventional perspective on art, Lanz Valera has explored and doven into a new world of creative expression. Lanz’s intricate work is a product of time and maximizing his sparks of inspiration. According to Lanz, he strives to create art that entices the viewer’s inquisitiveness, to make people think. These four works were chosen by Lanz since they are representative of his style and techniques he continues to hone. As a special message from Lanz to aspiring artists reading this article: “Keep your passions burning because it will take you places”. 

Instagram: @lanzonezz

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Video by Paul Libatique

JULY 1, 2020

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