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Words by Andrea Banatao

Art by Brecht Lanfossi

epiph·​a·​ny | \ i-ˈpi-fə-nē \

: a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand or suddenly become conscious of something that is very important to you

"The Chosen One"

The Chosen One [The Writer's Voice]
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You don't have to be the chosen one to choose a life of joy,

For ephemeral fame seethe the heart with scornful laughter and disdain;

Live a life of freedom and happiness, like the flowers that sing and dance,

Or the birds whose wings scream against the wind,

Beckoning their souls a trance

For the chosen one is a choice made by a third hand —
A fate determined and trapped, like the insecurities of the mind;
Such a shame is brilliance dulled by the poison of comparison,
Followed only by an adamant pain
That leaves the body a skeleton

But life is a candle, its flame flickering along a finite length;
So, choose yourself, above a delusional frame,
above an unreasonable race;
Don’t shackle your identity to the image of what is ‘special’
— For what is special is an identity chosen and embraced


Immortal [The Writer's Voice]
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Unprincipled in the face of fate,

Fearless in the hands of death,

Let your spirit glide among burning stars,

Until the world draws its last breath


Etch your name in the fearless sky,

Your name among the flowers and the trees,

So that your soul may live on forever

In the whistle of every cool breeze


Greatness [The Writer's Voice]
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What is greatness in the vast universe,

Where the design is incomplete with one star,

Like the thread from a glorious tapestry,

Brilliant from a pattern sown by all

"I am"

I am [The Writer's Voice]
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"The One I Must Love"

I am - because I loved.

I am the word with the longest definition,

The joke that makes you cry and laugh,

The poem that can’t seem to rhyme,

The teenage heart broken in half

I am a puzzle without a picture,

A confession hanging by the edge,

Occasionally falling and constantly breaking,

And knifed under a tight wedge

But, just say the word and I’ll give you every chapter

Of everything I know that I might be,

Because until you’re happy and you agree,

I can never conclude myself as me.

I am — because you said so.

The One I Must Love [The Writer's Voice]
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The one I must love
Is the silent soul,
Stuck in the mirage stage,
Holding unto dreams
That cannot wake

The one I must love
Is the dwindling conviction,
The scolded child,
Crying behind the self,
Deceived by delusion

The one I must love
Is the changing personality,
The flexible acrobat,
Jumping from persona loops,
Hanging, landing, and smiling

The one I must love
Is the owner of the mask,
The actor in every act,
Breaking and crying
Before a sea of applause

The one I must love
Is the imperfect person,
The one I will never understand,
Striving to be real than flawless,
Rowing oars through the storm

The one I must love
Is beautiful in every way;
For every day is a battle
To live as who you are,
As a human being,

As me.

JULY 1, 2020