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LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Be Listening To

Words By Kirsty Phillips

Art by Julianna Montenegro

With all the sadness and uncertainty in the world, our focus has been pulled in many different directions. We hope that this list can help you reflect on something a little different. June was LGBTQ+ awareness month. To celebrate this occasion, we should all recognize and support these amazing musicians and band members that identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community.


CONVO’s most-played: Ninety (Syre – 2017)

Jaden       Smith

Smith identifies as gender fluid, one who challenges the norms of society by wearing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. His genre is rap and hip-hop, although some songs feature a heavier sound. Smith currently has two studio albums released, as well as mixtapes and features on songs with other artists.

Photo: Twitter / Jaden Smith


CONVO’s most-played: Sleepover (Expectations – 2018)

Hayley Kiyoko is often referred to by her fans as “Lesbian Jesus’”, and that is exactly what she is. She has given a voice to the contemporary lesbian community, showing her fans that they are accepted regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. Kiyoko’s music videos are distinctively dreamy and since gained attention after dropping “Girls Like Girls” in 2015. She hopes to normalize lesbian relationships in society by raising awareness on violence against transgender women.

hayley kiyoko.jpg

Hayley       Kiyoko

Photo: Rolling Stone / Trevor Flores


CONVO’s most-played: I Love Me (2020)

Demi        Lovato

Demi Lovato is a household name, but you might not know that she is actually a bisexual woman. She’s really shown that you can turn your life around and come out stronger after facing multiple obstacles. Lovato has always produced some amazing tunes but recently, her music speaks about things that she has gone through, from her eating disorder to drug abuse and toxic relationships.

Photo: Rolling Stone / Dennis Leupold


CONVO’s most-played: It's Code (The Electric Lady - 2013)

Monáe is an amazing inspiration to the pansexual community, although she is still going through her journey of self-discovery. Despite producing music since 2003, her songs do not fit a particular genre as she is so versatile. She broke into the musical mainstream when she was featured on the FUN song “We Are Young”. She is a model and actress who, like Jaden Smith, challenges the preconceived norms of society.

janelle monae.jpg

Janelle        Monáe

Photo: E Online / Justin French
Photo: Wonderland Magazine / Emman Montalavan
CONVO’s most-played: Peach (Arizona Baby - 2019)




Kevin Abstract is the frontman and creator of the American boyband, BROCKHAMPTON. He is an openly gay man and also has a solo career. Abstract’s genre of music falls into the rap category, although he mentions Shawn Mendes and other artists as influences for his own tracks. Abstract came out as gay in 2016, and has been rapping about his sexuality ever since.

JULY 1, 2020

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