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What Gen Z Around the Globe Think About

What Gen Z Around The Globe Think About Online Learning

Words By Kiana Salapare

Art by Krischelle Cadao

CONVO interviewed 6 students from around the world to ask them about their thoughts on online classes. See what they said below!



Zuzanna Witek


Once upon a time, we were sitting in a classroom. It was a serene time in the realms of education. Now, as the sunny days have passed, and the virus has spread, we are spending more and more time in front of the computer screens. 

In my case, online learning started with teachers sending us assignments to complete. We were given the freedom to choose when and how we finished them, as long as they were in the Dropbox by midnight each day. This sounds like a fairy tale, but the reality is different. 


Jazlynn Valdez

United States

Virtual learning gave me more freedom to create my own schedule because I didn’t have to factor in all the extra tasks during a normal day like getting ready and transportation. Classes are also a lot shorter. This all contributed to more time in my day which let me incorporate more exercise, free time, and creativity.


Although I am an extrovert and I get my energy from being around others, this extra time because of virtual classes let me become more in tune with myself.




Kirsten Atuhaire


When I was introduced to online learning, I did not have expectations as to how it would work. I just imagined it would be all video meetings, nothing more.


On my first day, everything was easy going; just adjusting to typing the assignments and contributing answers in discussions, as always. It wasn’t that bad, until at some point, assignments and deadlines were getting out of hand. I thought to myself, ”this is more homework than we usually get compared to the pre-covid times!” So I  had to persist and work faster to be more prompt. 

Nada Bennani


At the beginning of March, some days after the lockdown was made, my school began online classes. With the lockdown, I was not able to attend school like all my other classmates. Therefore, my school decided to make online classes. I waited two days before the program began. 


The first week, I was confused because of the different methods the teachers used. Some used video calls others just gave us homework to do during the class. I was already tired. Being all day in front of my laptop, sitting in my chair and doing the homework without any pauses. 




Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 1.05.37 PM 1.p

Sofia Von Wachter


My school closed in March and I’ve been doing online learning ever since. It feels weird I haven’t been to school or seen my teachers for more than 3 months now. Nobody really expected the closure to be that long and to be honest, I don’t think anybody was really prepared for it to be that long either. 

We switched to online learning from one day to another, without any real preparation. It was super new for everybody, including the teachers, and getting adjusted to it took some time. 

JULY 1, 2020

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