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Am I Numb?

Words by Tanya Nicole Reyes
Art by Julianna Montenegro

Taking a break from everything outside,
Is it time to find peace of mind?
Being at home and staying inside,
Life seems stagnant and my brain feels fried.

Breathe. Try to relax.
There are still ways to interact,
Deep down, we’re suppressing panic attacks
By coping with binge-watching and snacks.

We conquer the challenges faced at home.
We cure our boredom despite being alone.
Creativity is fed, and skills are honed.
We do our best to learn and grow.

Financially speaking,
Income is decreasing.
Business is tiring, and so is schooling.
Households are struggling, and students are suffering.

Distract oneself by connecting with friends,
And be productive until the quarantine ends.
It could be the chance to make amends,.
Apologize to those you didn’t mean to offend.

Problems are happening, and we should all know,
Our support and spirit are the best we can show.
Because we refuse to go with the flow,
We will create a better tomorrow.

I can’t breathe.
Thinking of all our fellowmen who bleed,
They’re innocent and have mouths to feed,
But injustice and violence are all that seethe.

Because of adversities awaiting out there,
We must stay vigilant and be aware.
We can solve problems if we prepare,
And hopefully, save more from despair.

Take a stand; this is the perfect atmosphere,
Especially not to blindly adhere.
Retweet, comment, like, and share.
Research. Don’t forget to compare.

Refute fake news and advocate correction.
Show others this can be our way of projection.
We can oppose all misdirection.
Social media is more than just a reflection.

Fight for what is right before it is gone.
Regrets and mistakes can’t be undone,
But it will only be over if we succumb.
With unity, adversities will be overcome.

Work on yourself but be involved.
Right now, selfishness must be dissolved.
Overcome privilege, so we can evolve.
Ignorance is a hurdle that must be resolved.

JULY 1, 2020

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