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Bittersweet Escape

Words by R. Julia
Art by Julianna Montenegro

In the unending labyrinth of dark toxic thoughts
Everyone relentlessly tried to escape and fearlessly fought
Sweaty eyes seeking for the majestic horizon
Confused and lacked complete sense of direction

Along the alleys and pathways of a brutal yesterday
Hunting obliterated pieces from the past is the easiest way
To gracefully release any form of lingering wreckage 
Like fleeting feelings which are not meant to be caged

Amidst heavy emotional baggage inside the head
Confidently chin up, smile wide and focus on what’s ahead 
Appreciate golden sun rays across the vast sky
Because dimness will eventually say the word: “goodbye”

AUGUST 3, 2020
Facebook: Rae Salido
Instagram: raejfs
Twitter: rjfsld

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