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I Said No.

Words by Tanya Nicole Reyes
Art by Danni Natividad

“It’s because your clothes are too revealing”
Then what about those who did the stealing?
Backwards thinking and neglected feelings
Cause the innocent to continue pleading.

These victims may have been intoxicated,
But these perpetrators were outright rejected.
Monsters forcibly stripped their targets naked,
Leaving them vulnerable to feel forever tainted.

You find excuses for the assailants.
No matter what victims say, you won’t listen.
But now stand survivors with just one mission
So prepare yourself for their opposition.

Your beliefs will be tested,
Don’t let your brain get infested
By victim blaming that the ignorant suggested.
Will you still use the same arguments collected,
In front of someone who was manipulated and neglected?
I dare you to blame the child who was molested.
Or the suicide victim whose life was wasted?
All because “they don’t dress like they want to be respected”.

What made this situation complicated?
Only an offender that society created.
All kinds of harassment should not be tolerated,
Any other mindset is severely outdated

Future generations will be affected,
So what’s morally correct must be selected.
Victims stood up for others that weren't represented.
I implore you to defend those who must be protected.

You can get harassed no matter what you wear.
So educate yourself and be aware.
Show your support and be dedicated to care.
Growth is a concept and knowledge can be shared.

It’s time to change, or we won’t get anywhere.
Children must be taught what is just and fair.
This is what’s best for society’s welfare.
Only then will progress become clear.

JULY 10, 2020

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