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love is the universe

Words by Rina
Art by Krischelle Cadao

love is the universe.
she is the unknown space
amidst the planets drifting from our very own
she is the stars, the constellations,
the combustions-
she is the mythologies told,
legends proclaimed;
she is all the paladin
of warmth, of kindness,
and compassion;
she is the gods and the goddesses.
she has taken many forms,
shaped as many clouds;
she envelops like the mist and the fog,
and above all else,
love is us.
love is our hearts thumping-
she is the lub-dub of our aches and worries.

love is the cells;
she resides in every fiber of our being.
she may be sealed, provoked;
she is explicit, but many times,

love is the earth.
she resides in pollutions-
in disasters-
in typhoons and thunders.
she is lightning, an embodiment of intimidation.
she weeps and rains for every living-
and she kills.
she is a massacre, an addiction-
a poison.
she is the painful truth we shakily steer away from.

love is a wonderful fear-
and yet, even with her tantrums,
her unknown origins;
despite her uncontrollable waves,
her landslides and earthquakes,
we remain before her throne-
begging for any scraps.
we remain in her power,
for after all,
we exist for her.
we exist for love,
to love,
by love.
she is us-
we are her-
a beautiful flaw.

JULY 29, 2020
Wattpad: nahrihnah

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