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Project E-ducation:

Ensuring that No Student is Left Behind

It has been months since the quarantine period started, and many institutions have now adjusted to the new normal. One aspect of the adjustment is the shift of schools to online classes which has generated a mix of sentiments from different people regarding its accessibility.


In the Philippines, many students, especially those in public schools, experience the problem of lack of accessibility since not everyone cannot afford the technical resources that are required to pursue online education. Several organizations have made some initiatives to help these students. One of them is the organization SHIFT, a youth social action organization hoping to raise awareness, empower the Filipino youth, spark action, and encourage involvement. It strives to SHIFT perspectives positively - and promote the idea that the youth can make a difference. 


SHIFT’s project, E-ducation, ​is ​a ​large-scale ​donation ​drive ​and ​fundraising ​effort ​aimed ​at ​raising ​money ​and ​goodwill ​to donate ​electronic ​devices ​to ​students ​currently ​incapable ​of ​attending ​online ​classes. ​This ​in ​response to ​the ​coronavirus ​pandemic ​that ​has ​created ​an ​impossible ​situation ​in ​continuing ​education ​for ​many.


Project E-ducation is a month-long fundraising initiative aimed to help provide Caloocan High School Students and CYLS: Project Eskwela Beneficiaries with gadgets and resources for Online Education. They accept monetary and in-kind donations from all around the Philippines. To donate, visit

Another project of SHIFT under E-ducation is E-ducate which aims to support local food businesses as countless families lacks funds for pursuing online education and maintaining funds for their food businesses. Here are the local businesses which you can support:​​

  • ​Noname: House of Bowl

  • Ja’s Sushi Bake

  • MaCha’s Yumsilog

  • Every Crumb PH

  • All About Pasta

If you’re hungry, then you can support these online businesses by ordering at this form. Please ensure to present both order form and payment and the SHIFT team will contact you for confirmation. Click here for more details!

In order to raise funds for E-ducation, SHIFT has an upcoming event on August 29 called E-tude which is a live concert that will display differing performances from volunteers to raise funds and spread awareness of the current education system. The project is now calling for volunteer performers for their concert. Sign-up at this form if you want to perform and not that the forms will close on August 25: Click here for more details!

Can people still volunteer for SHIFT/E-ducation? If so, how?

Applications open in October, but if you, your student councils, your companies, or other organizations are interested in supporting us, please reach out at!  

If you wanna know more about the organization and its project, visit them on their

Facebook: Shift Philippines

Instagram: shift.philippines

Twitter: philippineshift

AUGUST 25, 2020

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