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Seckhen Andrade

3D Artist from Mexico

city render 7 with cycles.png
render 6- Seckhen .png
train station render 2.png

"Becoming a 3D Artist has allowed me to expand my consciousness of the things around me. Working with 3D art has taught me to examine images in a profound way and perceive detail that most people don't. I try to focus on realism when I am working on my scenes so every single detail really does count even if it's not eye-catching at all. I sometimes find myself looking at my surroundings for far longer than before trying to collect all the little details in my brain so I can later translate them into my scenes. It has really influenced my perspective of the world and made me value how beautiful and complex it is. When I first started getting into 3D Graphics back in April of this year I immediately knew this was definitely something that I wanted to do in my professional life. So much so that I decided to make this my first attempt to found a business. I had this vision since I barely understood the 3D art software and I was going to work really hard to turn into a reality.  Since April my idea has evolved so much thanks to the help of a friend back home,@pepejimenezg, that has supported me the whole time and challenged my ideas to make them better. After almost 5 months of brainstorming, business plan writing and software learning, we launched the @syrus3d Instagram page in order to attract customers and popularize our work. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey of taking our passion and trying to make it our job."

Instagram: @syrus3d
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