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Chinny Basinang

Illustrator from the Philippines

"Mabuhay Frontliners" 
Mabuhay frontliners_Chinny Basinang.png

"In the Philippines, the pandemic grows by the day. Frontliners such as medical workers, policemen, and volunteers are in the thick of the battle. But this also brings out our sense of our humanity and compassion. So in the midst of this crisis, let us never forget the dedication of the people who keeps our country safe. Here’s a big shoutout to all of you. Thank you for battling this virus since day 1. Mabuhay ang mga manggagawang Pilipino!"

"Nothing Is Fine" 
Nothing Is Fine _ Chinny Basinang.png

"When they keep taking away our freedom, when unreasonable killings are on the rise, and when you realize that nothing is fine, this is the time to say “Tama na, sobra na”. Stand up for what is right. Make the ignorant become informed. Let justice not be ignored."

Instagram: @chinnybasinang
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