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Chloe Sun

Artist from the United States, 16

"Alone Together" 
Alone Together by Chloe Sun.jpg

"I created this during the pandemic to depict how our digital world is bringing so much warmth and support to those who need it most, like the elderly, a demographic at high risk to covid-19 and also very prone to living isolated and lonely during this time. In this way, our technology brings hope to many in these tough times, and this is a celebration of that. Despite the losses and pain so many families have faces at the brink of this pandemic, seeing stories of those continuing to show kindness by checking on their elderly neighbors and saving their lives by helping them shop for groceries, keep busy, and stay connected with others inspired me to put it on a canvas. The warm colors swirling together against a bright blue background hopefully bring feelings of love and light, positive thoughts and humanity in its finer, kinder hours."

Instagram: @gallery.of.sun
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