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Michael Bacungan

Digital Artist from the Philippines, 16





"Golden Eyes" 

Golden Eyes.PNG





"Play Boy Vol. 2" 

Play Boy Volume_ 2 (1).jpg


"We Didn't Start The Fire" 


Creativity amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on my productivity and my passion for art. Despite the struggles I faced this summer, I still had the urge to create illustrations. I often use my digital paintings as a way to vent out stress and to create my world. My art is pretty whimsical and capricious, often juxtaposed with contrasting text, shape, and line quality. The community of Filipino artists has served as an inspiration to keep on creating illustrations; the message behind their work often disturbs and shines a light on more pressing issues we as a society don’t know. We often forget the importance of illustration in our day to day lives, it's seen as something decorative, but art can also communicate effectively through the use of visuals. To either bring out a specific tone or mood and even to catalyze social change. And specifically, I use my art to communicate nostalgia with the use of warm tones and playful portraits. I have been experimenting with more graphic shapes and textures to add a little bit more depth and to give more of a traditional feel to the illustration. And trough this process, I can map out the points I want to emphasize and create dynamic compositions. As an illustrator, I want to remind other artists to keep communicating their ideas but also to take a break from creating and spending time with the people you love.

Instagram: @soltycookies
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