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Michiko Autea

Artist from the Philippines

"Alone Together" 
Michiko Autea.jpg

"This is an assignment for our design history class. we were told to create a poster about a certain cause, and i chose to focus mine on the rise of xenophobia since the beginning of this pandemic. although xenophobia in itself isn't really a "cause," the objective of this poster was to raise awareness on the effect of xenophobia to those who are affected such as east asian businesses, families, and individuals, which in return could hopefully educate people about how much certain stigmas and ~close minded~ comments affect us. if we switch places, and we asians generalized the rest of you, you wouldn't like that right? so what makes you think its okay for US to be at the receiving end of all the stigma & (hasty) generalization? "

Instagram: @bymchko
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