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Princess Salomon

Artist from the Philippines, 16

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"Life is not a Contest" is a poster for those who are stuck between 'I need to study and be productive because I have all the time in the world' and 'This is bad for my mental health, it's okay to stop' this COVID-19 ECQ phase. Life is not a contest; it's okay to take a break and go through life at your own pace. 


As someone who struggled to survive the previous semester by trying to put my mental health back in place, I didn't know that I needed this posted so much. People have been posting different kinds of work-out pictures, study session pictures, and every productive picture that you can imagine, and I know that these pictures would take a toll on your mental health and pressure you to do things even if you don't feel like doing them. Thus, I made the poster to let the 'unproductive' know that they are NOT alone, and it is totally okay to not do anything productive this quarantine. It's okay to just scroll through your social media feeds, to sleep, to focus on keeping your mental health stable instead of forcing yourself to do things that you're not happy in doing so. 


I also included 'It is okay to go through life at your own pace' because most of the teenagers today (just like me), are actively comparing a certain chapter in their life to others. I've noticed that I have been comparing my chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 15, and I think that we should cancel this mentality of comparing our journeys. It is okay and will always be okay to take you time and do the things you want or need to do at your own timing.

Instagram: @shutupcess
Facebook: Cess Salomon
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