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Through The Looking Glass: 

8 short films to keep you entertained!

Words by Juliene Maury

Art by Danni Natividad

“Through the looking glass” is a phrase used to describe strange and unpredictable events. In today's context, we can also use this to describe the ongoing pandemic as we continue to live in uncertainty. 


As someone who’s currently living through a looking glass, do you ever find yourself wondering what the “new normal” looks like for other people across the globe? If you do, we’ve got you covered! 


We’ve listed eight short films from various countries to keep you entertained during the quarantine. If you’re missing the outside world like us, check out these films as we take you “around the world” through your screen! 


Saan Aabot

ang Pipti Pesos ko?

A film by Jed Leonard Caasi

Written and Directed by Trent Joshua Asuncion

A Filipino short film by Jed Leonard Caasi depicts the struggles of a student attending online classes amidst a pandemic. Having an unstable internet connection, the main character begs her teachers to extend the deadline of her requirements. However, despite her plea, the teachers turn her down and she is left to find all possible means to pass her assignments on time. In the midst of it all, she finds a 50-peso bill in her wallet and contemplates whether she will use it to buy mobile data or spare it to her family. The film aims to shed light on the fact that not all students can cope with the need for stable internet connection and having online classes is a privilege that many cannot afford.


The End of the 

Social Distancing

Written and Directed by Victor Claramunt

This short film from Spain looks at the possible future of the world once social distancing ends. Written and directed by Victor Claramunt, the use of geometric lines and symmetry makes an incredibly effective film in such a short time. The background music also plays a crucial role in conveying powerful messages, with the music starting off soft and gradually becoming louder as people disregard social distancing. At the climax, you can hear a crescendo of music that’s perfectly timed with emotional catharsis. This mirrors the possibility that, as social beings, people will want to interact with each other more often once the pandemic ends. Who doesn’t miss their friends during these times, right? With the aesthetics and audio combined, this film serves a colorful and insightful outlook on our possible post-pandemic daily living.


End of the World?

A film by DK Films

Written and Directed by Trent Joshua Asuncion

Set in 2049, twenty-nine years after the Covid-19 pandemic, this Indian short shows how the virus can cause devastating implications of spreading the virus on our planet, and on how the privileged can be able to save themselves by deserting the Earth to move to Mars. Directed by Dushyant Kapoor, the film centers on a young man struggling to find water in the middle of a desert. He starts to lose hope when, suddenly, a friend appears in front of him. With his friend’s encouraging words, the young man looks for other means to survive, soon realizing the shocking truth behind what actually happened to his planet. This film conveys a cautionary tale, encouraging us to not take the Earth for granted and dedicate small steps to healing our environment.



Directed by Julia Gwiozdzik

Plot: Connection is a short film from Poland showing the negative psychological effects of social distancing. Directed by Julia Gwiozdzik, the film centers on a young woman's daily routine in the “New Normal”. Despite her self-possessed exterior in front of her friends, she slowly loses her sense of time, finding an escape from reality by living vicariously through social media. It gained praise and won fourth place at the COVID-19 International Student Film Festival. 



A film by: Donald D. Calma Jr.

What happens when two bored boys eagerly want to go out during the quarantine lockdown? They summon a spirit to help them fulfill their wish, of course. However, despite multiple attempts of chanting incantations, they ended up being disappointed as no magical creature appeared in front of them. Upon almost giving up, things suddenly take a turn - did their summoning really fail? This light-hearted Filipino short by Donald D. Calma Jr. will definitely encourage you to stay at home during this pandemic!


Loopy: A Quarantine Short Film

Directed by: Max Cianci and Anthony Peduzzi

Have you ever felt being perpetually stuck because of quarantine? Directors Max Cianci and Anthony Peduzzi creatively reimagine the feeling of being caught in a never-ending loop amidst the pandemic. The atmosphere of this American short engages the audience while also giving them an eerie-like experience. Thought-provoking and layered with meaning, viewers will be left with a haunting message that’s hard to ignore. 


Don’t Worry -

Corona Short Film

Directed by: Mana Pakseresht

This dramatic short by Mana Pakseresht showcases the reality when it comes to celebrating birthdays in isolation. The film centers around an Iranian teenager who is home alone on her birthday. Despite feeling lonely and forgotten throughout the day, the girl feels relieved once she sees her mother, still in her nurse scrubs, greeting her a “Happy Birthday” on local television. By the end, the film will make the audience realize the value of even the smallest gestures of kindness. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 11.51.48


Freaky Handshake


A film by: Johnny Suh and Mark Lee

This film follows two friends who are stuck in quarantine and are looking for something fun to do. Of course, a handshake is the most exciting thing next to watching a movie and paragliding. What’s supposed to be a fun, harmless handshake takes an unexpected turn when they accidentally switched souls. Will they be able to return to their old selves? Looking for something light-hearted in contrast to the previous films? This short, written and directed by K-pop idols Johnny Suh and Mark Lee from NCT will bring a smile to your face during these dark times. Interesting tidbit: the filming style is so simple and easy to do, you can even encourage your friends or family to make shorts like this too!

JULY 9, 2020

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